Hurrah for Surprise Shows! :)

Hello lovely people!

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of shows happening tomorrow (Saturday 22nd October).  They are both surprise shows but will both will be VERY fun :)

The first is a Joni Mitchell Tribute event happening at New World Deli in Austin.  There are dozens of talented female artists playing at this evening between 3-5pm.  I will not only be playing acoustic guitar for the awesome Naga Valli but I’ll also be playing a Joni song all on my ownsome.  Would be great to see you, we are all volunteering our time for a wonderful cause.

Then straight after the Joni show I have to head out to the Burton Roadhouse where I’ll be playing drums for Patrice Pike.  I don’t get to play with Patrice very often as she has an awesome regular band line, so when ever I get the chance to play it always makes me very happy.  We’re on from 8pm and this is a newish venue so I’m looking forward to checking it out :)

Hope to see you somewhere soon <3