Recording guitar parts

NEW! Song Production Packages <3

I’m so very lucky and grateful to work with artists, songwriters and musicians from around the world to help make their dreams come alive <3 It’s super cool.

I have my own studio set-up and offer remote recordings for vocals, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and percussion.  I work in a variety of styles which makes the whole process so much fun, as you really never know what someone is going to ask you to play!

Over the past year I’ve been getting more and more requests for song production packages….so I finally sat down and figured it all out :)

This would also include harmonies.  If mixing isn’t your bag I can do that for an extra $50.

Again this includes harmonies.  For percussion this can be anything from a cajon, congas or yambu or a groove consisting of various acoustic instruments inc. snare, floor tom, tambourine, shakers etc….what ever works best for your song :) Again if you’d like me to mix it for you I can do that for an extra $50.

GUITAR / VOCAL (inc harmonies) / BASS GUITAR / PERCUSSION / DRUMS – Fully mixed AND mastered – $550
This includes everything you’ll need to have a radio ready song….includes mixing and mastering.  For this package I will create a pre-production demo to make sure you are happy with the direction I am going in.  Once you’re happy with my ideas the fun begins….recording the final product and making your dreams come alive :)


Before I start any recording I always discuss with the artist / songwriter what ideas they have (either via email, Skype or phone).  I treat every single project as if it were my own and genuinly love what I do.

Hope to work with you soon! Give me a shout if you have any questions :)