Instrumental Clips – Featuring Funk, Rock, Retro, Punk, Electronic & more (All instruments played by me and recorded in my little studio)

Currently playing bass in Austin, TX with the Susan Arbuckle band.

I started playing bass when I was 17 years old and since then I’ve performed with many, many bands encompassing a huge variety of genres.  Some projects require millions of notes and brain frying scales, most require just simple root notes played at the right time with the right feel.  I’m a *huge* believer in listening to all that’s going on around me and making sure not to overplay. Being a songwriter myself has helped me to understand the importance of the bass in anchoring a song.

Artists I’ve worked with include:

Phil Gould (Level42)

Rupert Brown (Session Drummer The Lighthouse Family, Daryl Hall, Nigel Kennedy)

Nicky Swann

Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary)


Check out my bass set up in the gear section!

Patrice Pike Trio at The Saxon Pub, Austin

Patrice Pike Trio Live at Blue Rock, TX