SXSW Fun :)

Yes, it’s that time of year again when our weeks go from being a bit busy to totally insane….and ride shares such as Lyft in Austin make a ton of money, mostly from musicians trying to get from A to B as quickly as possible 😉

Here’s what I’ll be up to, hope you can make one or two!

  • 13th Unofficial – Hyde Park Grill, Westgate – Playing acoustic guitar for Susan Arbuckle 7.30-8.30pm
  • 14th Unofficial – Guero’s – Playing drums for Raina Rose 5-5.30pm
  • 14th Official – The Driskill – Playing drums for Rebecca Loebe 8-8.45pm
  • 15th Unofficial – G&S – Playing drums / mandolin for Wild Pones 7.30-8pm
  • 15th Unofficial – G&S – Playing drums for Stephen Clair 8-8.30pm
  • 16th Unofficial – The Scottish Rite Theatre – Dolly Parton Tribute show – Playing drums for Laura Doherty 1.30pm
  • 16th Official – The Saxon Pub – Playing drums for Ginger Leigh 4-4.40pm
  • 16th Unofficial – Lucy’s Fried Chicken (S Congress) – Playing drums for Matt the Electrician 5-5.45pm
  • 17th Unofficial – Shangri La – Playing mandolin / drums for Wild Ponies 12.45pm
  • 17th Unofficial – The Domain – Playing drums for Laura Doherty 4pm
  • 17th Unofficial – Giddiups – Playing drums for Stephen Clair 9pm

Touring Fun :)

So….the Wild Ponies tour is over – I’m super sad but at the same time extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to play so many amazing show with 2 of the nicest, talented people I’ve ever worked with.  #

We played 54 shows over 12 weeks, in 8 different countries.

Yeah, pretty cool.

You can read all about our tour antics and check out tons of cool photos by visiting my blog:


In the meantime I have a bunch of great shows in Austin, hope you can make one or two! <3

Dec 6th – KM solo show @ Austin International Airport (The Saxon Pub), 3pm

Dec 7th – Playing drums for Ginger Leigh @ Courtyard Wine Bar, Columbus TX, 8pm

Dec 8th – Playing bass for Patrick Donahue @ Cedar Street Courtyard, Austin TX 6-8pm

Dec 9th – Playing bass for Susan Arbuckle @ One2One Bar, Austin TX 7-10pm

Dec 13th – Playing drums for Rachel Reese & Jesse LaFave @ Austin International Airport (Ray Benson Stage), 3pm

Dec 15th – Playing drums for Ginger Leigh @ The Saxon Pub, Austin TX 9pm

<3 <3 <3



I’m going on tour with the WILD PONIES <3


I’m SUPER excited to be heading out on tour with the Wild Ponies from Nashville…..we’ll be playing 54 shows all over the US and Europe.

I’ll be on drums and mandolin (not at the same time obviously….that really would be clever).

For a full list of tour dates check out: www.wildponies.net

Hope to see you somewhere soon!

KM x

Recording guitar parts

NEW! Song Production Packages <3

I’m so very lucky and grateful to work with artists, songwriters and musicians from around the world to help make their dreams come alive <3 It’s super cool.

I have my own studio set-up and offer remote recordings for vocals, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and percussion.  I work in a variety of styles which makes the whole process so much fun, as you really never know what someone is going to ask you to play!

Over the past year I’ve been getting more and more requests for song production packages….so I finally sat down and figured it all out :)

This would also include harmonies.  If mixing isn’t your bag I can do that for an extra $50.

Again this includes harmonies.  For percussion this can be anything from a cajon, congas or yambu or a groove consisting of various acoustic instruments inc. snare, floor tom, tambourine, shakers etc….what ever works best for your song :) Again if you’d like me to mix it for you I can do that for an extra $50.

GUITAR / VOCAL (inc harmonies) / BASS GUITAR / PERCUSSION / DRUMS – Fully mixed AND mastered – $550
This includes everything you’ll need to have a radio ready song….includes mixing and mastering.  For this package I will create a pre-production demo to make sure you are happy with the direction I am going in.  Once you’re happy with my ideas the fun begins….recording the final product and making your dreams come alive :)


Before I start any recording I always discuss with the artist / songwriter what ideas they have (either via email, Skype or phone).  I treat every single project as if it were my own and genuinly love what I do.

Hope to work with you soon! Give me a shout if you have any questions :)


*Rebecca Loebe’s Mini Tour* THIS WEEKEND! (Feb 3-5)

Happy New Year to you all :)

So I just wanted to write a quick blog to let you know about this weekend…..Rebecca Loebe will be on tour promoting her awesome new album ‘Blink’ and she’s putting together a pretty kick-ass band, which I’m happy to say includes me on drums! 😉

Really hope you came make one of these dates, it would be lovely as always to see your smiley face somewhere:

Feb 3rd – Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant, Houston 7pm

Feb 4th – The Saxon Pub, Austin 8pm

Feb 5th – Alamo Beer, San Antonio 7pm

Come hang! <3

For more info check out Rebecca’s website: www.rebeccaloebe.com

Hurrah for Surprise Shows! :)

Hello lovely people!

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of shows happening tomorrow (Saturday 22nd October).  They are both surprise shows but will both will be VERY fun :)

The first is a Joni Mitchell Tribute event happening at New World Deli in Austin.  There are dozens of talented female artists playing at this evening between 3-5pm.  I will not only be playing acoustic guitar for the awesome Naga Valli but I’ll also be playing a Joni song all on my ownsome.  Would be great to see you, we are all volunteering our time for a wonderful cause.

Then straight after the Joni show I have to head out to the Burton Roadhouse where I’ll be playing drums for Patrice Pike.  I don’t get to play with Patrice very often as she has an awesome regular band line, so when ever I get the chance to play it always makes me very happy.  We’re on from 8pm and this is a newish venue so I’m looking forward to checking it out :)

Hope to see you somewhere soon <3

Katie Marie

Welcome to my new website!! :)

Yay! I have a brand new website! Isn’t it cool?! :) Thanks to Jan and Chris at Dolfin Digital I have this wonderful looking website that I could never have created alone <3 Love you guys!




SXSW Fun :)

Yes, it's that time of year again when our weeks go from being…

Touring Fun :)

So....the Wild Ponies tour is over - I'm super sad but at the…
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