drumsI play a wonderful Yamaha Stage Custom Kit.

I have one of these in the UK that I love and adore.  When I moved to Austin, TX I decided to try my best to get one that was as close to my UK kit as possible.  After a couple of months of searching I thankfully found one on Craigslist in cherry red and it’s such a great kit :)

My set-up varies quite a bit depending on who I’m playing with and what their vibe is…..I change snare drums, cymbals and tune / dampen everything differently depending on what kind of sound a particular artist is needing from me.

Yes I am a nerd.

So this is my Rebecca Loebe set-up, she is an acoustic singer / songwriter:

14″ vintage Premier Royal Ace wood snare drum (8″ deep)
20″ Kick (Evans Emad2 Clear Bass head and Aquarian custom head)
10″ rack Tom
14″ Floor Tom
Sabian hi-hats
Sabian Pro-Sonix Ride
Zildjian 18″ Fast Crash with Promark sizzler
Vintage Zildjian Avedis 18″ ride / crash
Sabian Pro-Sonix 20″ Ride

And this would be my typical set-up for Ginger Leigh who has more of an edgy Rock vibe:

14″ Chad Smith signature snare drum with 14″ Aquarian drum mute
10″ rack Tom
14″ Floor Tom
Sabian hi-hats
K 17″ Dark Crash
Sabian AAX 17″ Stage Crash
Sabian Pro-Sonix 20″ Ride

Now and again I get asked to create hybrid kits to suit a certain style of music.  For electronic / dance sounds I usually grab my trusty Roland Octapad II (yep, the old skool one).

Octapad 2Then I hook up one of my retro drum machines (usually a Yamaha QY70 or Roland TR626) and I have pretty much all the sounds I need.  (btw, I LOVE drum machines….the older the better).


9 times out of 10 I use a stick in my left hand and a hot rod for my right.  I’ve no idea when this started but I generally prefer the tone of a cymbal using a hot rod stick than a regular stick.  For fast, heavy stuff than requires a lot of balance I revert back to balanced sticks but for the most part I use a stick / hotrod combo and it works fine for me.

Now when I say ‘hot rod stick’ I don’t mean just ANY hot rod, it *has* to be these….because they are totally rad:

RT545SGPThey are Regal Tip Fatty Thai hot rod sticks.  Not only do they feel super comfortable to play but the rods are thicker and in tone they’re almost in between a stick and a regular hot rod.

I love them and I think they’re bloody brilliant.

I’m not sure if Regal Tip has stopped producing them because they seem to be hard to come by.  So when ever I do come across them in a store I tend to buy their whole stock as I don’t seem them available very often!

So that’s what my right hand is usually armed with….in my left is one of these bad boys:

52nd st …..a 52nd St Jazz stick by Vater.  My freind Phil Gould got me hooked on these – I was playing Vic Firths but Phil let me try these and I love them so much.  They’re the kind of stick that is so comfortable you forget they’re even there….they feel lovely and flowey (is that even a word?) and perfectly weighted for me.

I use timpani sticks a lot especially in acoustic situations….I’ve got some old vintage timpani sticks someone gave me when I started getting into drumming and I still use them to this day :)

Speaking of which…

I have the SAME stick bag I bought when I first started playing drums 20 years ago…it’s so important to me I actually had it shipped over to Austin from the UK because it makes me smile <3