Guitar (continued)

I *totally* adore my Venue DI.  It really is amazing.

To have full control of your sound everywhere you go is quite honestly, priceless.

Beautifully constructed and designed – this unit features a 5 band EQ, notch filter, phase inversion, adjustable volume foot switch, mute switch, XLR & 1/4″ outputs, a lovely bright tuner and so much more…..and it all runs on a 9v battery.

It comes with a very nifty black case which also fits nicely into the front pocket of your guitar case.

These…..are awesome.

Full stop.

Find out

Finally here’s a little video showing my set-up for solo acoustic gigs… it’s cool as beans.

And yes, I’m aware that the picture YouTube decided to chose as a preview is a shot of my boobs.