I play a gorgeous Takamine TAN16C dreadnought cutaway acoustic called Tara  

I bought Tara around 8 years ago. I spent a whole year saving up all of my gig money just to buy her….and she’s so much better than I could ever have imagined.

Tara has been beautifully crafted and features a rosewood back and sides and a solid spruce top.

She came with the cool tube (CTP-2) pre-amp but she’s currently fitted with a CT4-DX pre-amp which Takamine sent me to road test for them (btw – it kicks ass).


I love Tara for so many reasons. Her beautiful solid body means she sounds great mic-ed up in studio situations (although she does get a little self conscious about people commenting on her big body).

When plugged in I enjoy using both the CTP-2 and CT4-DX pre-amps. They are very different and have their own unique sounds.

Here’s a video featuring me jibba-jabbering about the CT4-DX pre-amp:

EXP19Tara is always kitted out with D’addario EXP19 strings.

I used to use D’addario EXP11s, then EXP26’s.  But I tried the 19s last year and have stuck with them ever since.

They feel super comfortable and suit my percussive playing style perfectly.

Give em a try if you haven’t already.!

At all my acoustic (and sometimes bass) gigs I’m armed with an L R Baggs Venue DI Box.

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