Instrumental Clips – Featuring Funk, Rock, Retro, Punk, Electronic & more (All instruments played by me and recorded in my little studio)


Currently playing drums / percussion in Austin, TX for Ginger Leigh, Naga Valli, Rebecca Loebe and Raina Rose.  

For the past 20 years I’ve had a huge range of genres thrown at me in both live and studio situations. I’m a real listener and being a songwriter myself I know how important it is to get into the right groove and to not spoil a track by being too invasive with my playing.

I can play full kit as well as cajon and have also been asked to create hybrid kits for specific projects – these can range from percussion based for more acoustic / singer/songwriter styles to kits incorporating triggers and Octapad sounds.

Previous artists I’ve worked with include:

Disappear Fear (26 state tour in the USA)

Martin Barre (Jethro Tull)

Phil Gould (Level42)

Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary)


Nicky Swann

I’m very proud to have an endorsement with Schlagwerk Percussion.

Schlagwerk make beautiful percussion instruments in Germany and I loved their products long before they offered to endorse me.  They are a wonderful group of super nice people who have looked after me so well over the years <3 (Find out all about my set-up and what stuff I use in the Gear Section)