I heart Schlagwerk. I love their instruments. They are beautifully crafted and have superb tone quality.

Here’s my collection (and yes they all have names):

This is Kartha.  He’s a CP404 with a dark wood front.  He’s the cajon I use the most as his tone suits so many different situations.  Kartha’s snare tones are lovely and snappy and the bass has tons of low end with plenty of definition.

Find out more: CP404 – Schlagwerk Website 

Next up is Karan.  She was my first Schlagwerk cajon.  Karan is a CP404 with a beechwood front.  She has a very similar tone to Kartha except she’s a little softer and warmer and her bass notes aren’t quite so bassy.  Karan is a bit of a rebel and I had to give her a break from touring.

Karan 1 Karan 2 karan 3

Thankfully she’s calmed down a bit since then 😉

Find out more: CP404 – Schlagwerk Website

This rather sexy looking beast is Martha.  Martha is a CP432 deluxe Makassar.

Her bass tones are ferocious!! :) She’s so much fun to play and looks awesome…..

Find out more: CP-432 – Schlagwerk Website

…and this is Simon.  He is a dark oak CP408.

His overall tone is warm and soft and he’s a real Mr.Smooth.

I used Simon for the Disappear Fear USA tour and he sounded awesome and is so wonderful to play.

Find out more: CP-408 – Schlagwerk Website