Studio Work

I absolutely love doing studio work.

The studio is a truly magical place to be.

I am both very proud and grateful to have been trusted by people to work on their music. I take every project very seriously and treat it with the same respect and dedication as I do my own songs.

I’m a good person to hire in studio situations because I have a very calm disposition and I’m super easy to work with.

There have been many projects where I have been asked to play 2, 3 or even 4 instruments (drums, bass, guitar and vocals). It’s been so much easier (and cheaper!) for these artists to hire one easy going musician to do the job that a group of people would do. Plus I’m used to layering instruments for my own songs, so bassist Katie can lock in with drummer Katie pretty quickly (most of the time ;).

The only thing I do have to warn you about is that being British I do drink a large amount of tea….I know, I’m pretty rock n roll.

In Person Studio Work & Custom Tracks

I feel very honoured to have been hired by so many talented artists and songwriters to do both in studio work and / or create custom tracks for their projects remotely in my own studio (running on Cubase 8).   I’ve been involved in a real eclectic mix of genres (from acoustic singer/songwriter to Ambient to Dance to pick wielding Punk and everything in between!).  I’ve also had a lot of experience recording both album tracks as well as music for film & TV.

If you’d like to ask about hiring me for studio work or creating custom tracks remotely feel free to get in touch!

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